We are back again ... We said it was going to be big and it was!
Not just Hotrods but a display of horsepower from land, air and water. And this year will be even better!


With the heart of petrol and horsepower the focus, we welcome anything that relates to this. So, no matter what you drive, ride or have to display, as long as it is horsepower related then we are interested in displaying it.  The more left field the better. If you have a specific display, as long as it is compliant with OSH regulation reach out and let's spread the love of horsepower to the masses.


With the addition of offshore powerboats more jet sprints and a hopefully a Catalina landing on the lake and a record number of registrations expected we are delivering an action packed day and fun for everyone all in  the name of charity!

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With some sponsorship and a bit of luck we are hoping to bring you all of the below this year

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Get Involved


Because we are a charity event we are always looking for sponsors. So if you would like to get involved just reach out and lets start chatting


If you have something of interest in your shed that is petrol or horsepower related give us a shout and let's get it on display on the day for all to see.

Jetsprint SuperBoats

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Acrobatic displays

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Offshore powerboats


The first Mangakino Lake Hop was in 2019. The idea came about over a dinner conversation amongst a few lads who love holidaying in Mangakino and are passionate about their classic cars. They decided between them they could rally together 15 - 20 cars and would call it a car show.  Needless to say, everyone was overwhelmed when the event went on to receive 220 registered vehicles. This left the organisers with no option but to run the event again. The 2020 hop had more than 450 registered vehicles and thousands of attendees. 

In 2021 with over 700 entries, we took it to a whole new level of show. Not just hotrods but planes, race boats, and drag cars. There was never a dull moment with The GP race boats doing passes at 150MPH on the water Jetsprint displays and the massive arobatic display by 2 Russian Yak fighter planes.

and....that's a wrap for 2022. Hope you had as much fun as we did. See you next year